Then and Now: Rita Moreno Recycles Iconic Oscars Look

Then and Now: Rita Moreno Recycles Iconic Oscars Look

A great deal of us have that semi-formal gown, silk cape, or bit of precious stone adornments we haul out over and over for unique occasions. As the years move by, these pieces turn into our mark, a backbone we rely upon to make us look and feel our best.

Living legend Rita Moreno has a couple of these without a doubt. Also, she moved one out as of late for the 90th Academy Awards. Moreno paralyzed participants and fans by sashaying down celebrity lane in her red-letter dress – the specific one she wore to the Oscars very nearly 60 years prior.

How about we rewind for a minute.

Then and Now: Rita Moreno Recycles Iconic Oscars Look

It is 1961. Rita is 30 years of age when she stars in the film adjustment of the hit Broadway melodic West Side Story. She played Anita, which one would think would discover her dominated by Natalie Wood’s featuring job as Anita.

Rita was accustomed to getting supporting jobs in significant preparations. She had recently showed up in exemplary movies like Singin’ in the Rain and The King and I, despite the fact that she later concedes she wasn’t generally enchanted by the film business. Truth be told, when she recorded West Side, 30 was viewed as fairly old for the bore of moving required.

However nobody could contend that she truly nailed it. To such an extent that she was designated for and won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress early the following year. She did as such in an exceptionally mold forward dark and gold article of clothing structured and sewn in the Philippines, built generally of obi texture used to make kimonos.

Moreno’s 1962 win was a major ordeal. As a local of Puerto Rico, she was the first Latina to ever win the honor. Her stun at the respect was plain as she made that big appearance to acknowledge the honor, shouting, “I can’t trust it! Great Lord… I abandon you with that,” before making a hurried exit.

Rita would proceed to end up one of the primary entertainers to EGOT; that is, win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. She is one of just 12 individuals to accomplish this.

Quick forward to 2018, and Rita reminds us how she won her O.

Then and Now: Rita Moreno Recycles Iconic Oscars Look

Considerably more amazing than the way that despite everything she pulls it off at age 86, is the way she’s refreshed it. Gone is the dated glossy silk watercraft neck for a saucy strapless bodice. The turban headband and gold neckline accessory bear a resemblance to eminence, which at these functions, she unquestionably is.

Rita reviews that in 1962, the Oscars didn’t highlight a celebrity main street. How brilliant that following 56 years, the dress at long last got its due.